• 7 Sisters
  • Banyanterwine-medWM
  • Monterey Cypress Fix1 3173 webWM
  • Leadwood-Leopardess-Redo-Bark-sm-WM
  • Detail-Redcedar-Spirit-Tree-WMsm
  • Holboom
  • Boab-prison-tree-1352FixCrpWMweb
  • Seven Sisters Full
  • InterBanyanBeing
  • Monterey Cypress
  • Leadwood Leopardess
  • Redcedar Spirit Tree I (Detail)
  • Holboom Side
  • Boab

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TreeGirl® is a fine art photographer, ISA certified arborist, forest ecotherapist, conservation educator, naturalist, and most importantly, a tree lover. She travels around the world to photograph the most amazing trees, taking intimate self-portraits, and portraits of others. The artwork of TreeGirl® invites us as modern humans to live an ecoliterate life of re-enchantment and soulful engagement with trees and nature, our true home.


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Are YOU a TreeGirl?

Decide for yourself if you are indeed a treegirl or treeboy, based on saying Yes to one or more of the following:

  1. You love trees.
  2. I mean you REALLLLY LOVE trees.
  3. You hug, embrace or touch trees with gratitude, awe and affection.
  4. You talk or sing to trees; trees talk or sing to you.
  5. You climbed trees as a child, and are still inclined to do so.

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