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  • Fairholme Mossy Maple Glow
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  • Sycamore Dreaming

TreeGirl® – Environmental Art Photographer

TreeGirl® (a.k.a Julianne Skai Arbor) is a fine art photographer, ISA certified arborist, environmental artist, Forest Therapy Guide and Trainer, environmental educator, naturalist and most importantly a tree lover.

She travels to photograph and research some of the most amazing tree species in the world, taking intimate self-portraits, and portraits of others, with trees. 

The artwork of TreeGirl® invites us as modern humans to live an ecoliterate life of re-enchantment, intimacy and soulful engagement with trees and the rest of nature, our true home.


Tree Species Gallery

The Tree Species Gallery is organized by the common name of the tree species. You can also search for them in the search box by their Latin, or scientific, name. You can read interesting botanical and ethnobotanical information that TreeGirl® has and researched and gathered about each of the tree species pictured.


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  3. You hug, embrace or touch trees with gratitude, awe and affection.
  4. You talk or sing to trees; trees talk or sing to you.
  5. You climbed trees as a child, and are still inclined to do so.

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